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Saturday, 26 June 2010 21:10


Last Decemeber I won the Northern Lights Development Award for my feature film project: THE CONCRETE CAT.

I entered my 3 page outline into a competition for the Northern Lights Film Festival Development Award for a feature film I have been longing to write, called the Concrete Cat. I was pleasantly surprised to be short listed for the award. In December, I and another writer, Simon Fellows, were interviewed before the final decision was made.

The interview was with the fabulous script editor Kate Leys and the award wining director Patrick Collerton (The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off). We discussed my project and where I was with it. I immediately wanted to work with Kate as she was such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable script editor.

I was completely bowled over when they told me a I had won the award. The prize: a priceless 12 months of script development with Kate. Superb!

I sent Kate a 16 page treatment of the Concrete Cat and, after recovering from the ghastly flu, I met her, mid January, in Patisserie du Valarie in London. Kate said that she wasn’t going to tell me what direction to go in; instead she would highlight the turning points and ask me questions in relation to them and the treatment. I would then go back and research the answers and make notes which would help me in re-drafting the treatment. I was really excited by this approach and our discussion.

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Sunday, 20 June 2010 00:17

I am currently working on the Nigerian version of Sesame Street.

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Sunday, 13 June 2010 17:22

Deola is currently in Nigeria, directing Sesame Street.





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